Matt Mullican

A jury made up of representatives of internationally renowned art institutions has chosen the American artist Matt Mullican as the second prize-winner of the Possehl Prize for International Art. The award ceremony and the opening of his solo exhibition in Lübeck will take place in October 2022. By awarding Matt Mullican the jury has acknowledged his life’s work, which continues to have a strong influence on younger generations of artists.

Decoding the world

The prize-winner Matt Mullican (born in 1951) is a leading representative of what is known as the Pictures Generation, a group of artists who explored the impact of mass media images on everyday perception in the mid-1970s and so declared them to be an established element of their approach to art-making. For decades Mullican has been working on an artistic classification system for his world view, which he endeavours to capture in large-scale multi-media installations. His work extends over many different fields, ranging from painting and various reprographic techniques through to sculptures and performances; his exhibitions always interact with the specific features of the surrounding space.

Mullican was Professor for Time-based Media at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg until 2019 and currently lives and works in Berlin and New York. His artistic development has taken him in innovative directions that further break down the boundaries between art and other disciplines. Above all, he tries to take the distinction between high and low art to the point of absurdity, because in his opinion it restricts creativity.

Matt Mullican, Exhibition at Hangar Bicocca, Mailand, 2018

Mullicans first visit in Lübeck

In November 2021 Matt Mullican visited the Hanseatic city of Lübeck for the first time and was delighted by the opportunities that the prize will afford him: in addition to exhibitions in the Kunsthalle St. Annen and St. Peter's church in Lübeck, the artist is planning performances and installations in public spaces.


1. Mullican with Bernd Schwarze; 2. with Antje-Britt Mählmann; 3. with curator Oliver Zybok; 4. in front of the Holsten Gate


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