Non-profit organisations

Our founder Emil Possehl also wanted to encourage the work carried out by the citizens of Lübeck for good causes. Today the Foundation sponsors more than 300 registered non-profit organisations that enrich the life of the community in Lübeck. Almost half these organisations are sports clubs, which do important work with youth groups and represent important social hubs in the city boroughs. The Foundation also provides financial assistance to charities and other initiatives organising social projects for people in all kinds of different areas. So we also enable immigrants in Lübeck to gain access to the whole range of local educational offers, for instance.

Family reunification advice from Gemeindediakonie

An advisory service for reuniting refugees with their family members can help, but the work requires great commitment: the people are often in a desperate position, they have had traumatic experiences and now feel powerless to tackle the challenges ahead. Often the process cannot be managed by those concerned alone, who often struggle with language barriers and psychological burdens. It is a challenging area for the advisers themselves: cases are very time-consuming, require complex knowledge and great persistence. The Possehl Foundation enables this important work to continuServices for refugees and immigrants

Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe (SAME)

The European youth network SAME is spreading the idea of a Solidarity Action Day throughout Europe. School pupils volunteer to do a day’s paid work and then donate their wages to support social projects. They not only support projects for young people of their own age in other countries, but also learn about social activism at the same time and set an example for an open and tolerant society. Over 300,000 young people from all over Europe now take part in a Social Day. SAME is based in Lübeck and is expanding its activities for more interaction and solidarity in Europe. Last year was dominated by a feeling of deprivation and abnegation, but also by increasing digitisation. SAME quickly set up digital alternatives, with numerous online workshops and seminars. One particularly successful example was the virtual festival ACT.IVAL for Future, in which over 200 young people took part.

Reblooming Europe: Lübeck Town Hall was lit up for European solidarity on 11 April 2021.


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