People experiencing social hardship

When Emil Possehl was alive, “the alleviation of hardship” mentioned in the Foundation’s articles of association mainly benefited injured war veterans and their families. To this day, the Possehl Foundation finances a range of programmes for people experiencing social hardship. However, the covid crisis has made it even more clear to us that “need” cannot be seen solely in material terms. We have all been and are all affected by the pandemic in very different ways. Old people, poor people, homeless people, psychologically vulnerable people; life for them in the covid crisis is even more of a struggle than it was before anyway.

Café W.u.T (Warm and Dry)

The Café is situated centrally in Lübeck on the river Trave and is a meeting place for anyone experiencing social difficulties such as poverty, addiction or homelessness and for their socially motivated fellow citizens. Its guests come from various levels of society, but they all have something in common: they do not have enough money, food, or social contacts, or they simply have no prospects. During the lockdown the staff spent every shift taking bags of food and hygiene products, wipes and toilet paper, paper tissues or shaving kit to those in need, visiting homeless people in their shelters or rough sleeping places. They washed sleeping bags, took in clothing, washed, dried and returned it; and this went on almost around the clock. Food was prepared to take away. The Café W.u.T. provides up to 800 meals a week to its guests.

ePunkt e.V.

People looking to do volunteering work in Lübeck, as well as other charities, are given practical support at ePunkt e.V. This association recruits volunteers and puts them in touch with people and organisations in need. It advises non-profit organisations on their work, on applying for funding and building networks. Many of its services are easily accessible and particularly valuable during the covid pandemic: help with food shopping, arranging company for a walk, extra people for counselling hotlines, online assistance with schoolwork for children, and computer courses for the elderly are just some of the activities that ePunkt supports.


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