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In the arts and sciences we sponsor a particularly wide range of projects. One aspect is the funding of outstanding research and development at the higher education institutions in the city. Our funding focuses on special research projects, endowments for professorships and the technical equipment for scientific work.

An additional aspect is that the promotion of art and culture helps to reinforce Lübeck’s position as a cultural centre in northern Europe. Alongside the major cultural institutions such as the Lübeck Cultural Foundation, Lübeck Theatre, the Lübeck College of Music and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, which all receive regular funding from the Possehl Foundation, there are many other smaller initiatives that keep culture alive and vibrant in Lübeck and are sponsored by the Foundation.

European Hanse Ensemble

As centres of economic power and bourgeois prosperity the Hanse towns of northern Europe encouraged a flowering of culture in many different fields, including music. The European Hanse Ensemble is based in the European Hansemuseum, and would like to rediscover this rich heritage from the period around 1600 and give it a new lease of life in concerts with young musicians.


Every year master classes are held in Lübeck, in the following year a selection of the best musicians then goes on a concert tour with the European Hanse Ensemble, giving performances in the great churches of the European Hanse towns. There are many unknown and unfamiliar musical experiences for the musicians and audiences to discover: the fascinating, but often remote repertoire of Old Music, the sound of historic instruments, and above all, the connections that go beyond national boundaries created by the universal language of music.


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