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The catalogue for the comprehensive exhibition of Matt Mullican is available for €38 at the Kunsthalle St. Annen, in bookstores, or through the publisher Buchhandlung WALTHER KÖNIG: verlag@buchhandlung-walther-koenig.de; www.buchhandlung-walther-koenig.de.

With texts of Lorenzo Benedetti, Jana Bernhardt, Marianne Wagner and Oliver Zybok; 144 pages, German/ English


The internationally renowned Colombian artist Doris Salcedo received the first Possehl Prize for International Art in the Kunsthalle St. Annen in Lübeck in 2019. The catalogue of her first solo exhibition in Germany was published by the curator of the exhibition, Oliver Zybok, on behalf of the Possehl Foundation. It is available from the publisher, Buchhandlung WALTHER KÖNIG:  verlag@buchhandlung-walther-koenig.de; www.buchhandlung-walther-koenig.de.

 Publications to mark the 100th jubilee

To mark its centenary, the historian Axel Schildt wrote a history of the Possehl Foundation: “POSSEHL. History and Character of a Foundation” was published at the start of our jubilee year and is available from bookshops (in German only).





Who are we today? This was the question posed in the magazine ALL THAT IS GOOD & BEAUTIFUL? The Possehl Foundation in Lübeck” from brand eins Wissen, a publishing house based in Hamburg. A copy of the booklet can be obtained from the foyer of Possehl’s offices and various other places in Lübeck. It is available to download and the print version can also be ordered here (in German only).

General information about the Foundation

Every year we report on a selection of the projects the Possehl Foundation has funded over the previous twelve months. Our yearbook 2022 can be downloaded here:









In his will, Emil Possehl stipulated that the Possehl Foundation should be the sole shareholder of his company – you can view the document here as a PDF (in German only): 


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Our publications

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Here you can find our annual reports, Emil Possehl’s will, our art catalogues and publications to mark the 100th jubilee of the foundation.


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The Foundation only supports non-profit and charitable causes and “promotes all that is good and beautiful in Lübeck”.