Young people

Education at all levels has become an increasingly important part of the Possehl Foundation’s work in recent years. In close cooperation with the town council, and in dialogue with other foundations in Lübeck, we want to help ensure that nursery schools, schools and youth clubs in Lübeck are able to offer children and teenagers in Lübeck a wealth of opportunities to enjoy learning and acquire life skills – regardless of their social or cultural background.

AZUBI Kolleg

Joachim Herz Foundation  and Possehl Foundation developed and implemented college for apprentices in the Lübeck area “AZUBI Kolleg”.


Germany´s dual system of vocational training is unusual in comparison with other countries and represents a success story. Its vital contribution to training the next generation of qualified specialists and tradespeople makes it an important element of German society. With the “AZUBI Kolleg” our aim is to encourage the apprentices to discover in the course of their apprenticeship the potential that their personality holds and take deliberate steps to make the most of it. The scholarships are awarded by a jury with expertise in the field of vocational training and personal development. The selection process starts in the first year of the apprenticeship and from the beginning of the second year a range of educational opportunities is on offer, including seminar weeks and weekends and networking events. “AZUBI Kolleg” ends with a formal ceremony where certificates are awarded.

Dare to Care student initiative

The initiative develops school workshops to teach young people the scientific basics for social responsibility and psychological health. Psychology students from four other universities have since joined the initiative. Together with some 100 volunteers, mainly psychologists, teachers and students of psychology, Dare to Care has now established contacts with more than 1,200 young people at school and over 9,000 online. Before they start as workshop leaders the students take a course and then have regular supervision meetings with psychotherapists and teachers. This ensures that the contents and the didactic-pedagogical aspects of the workshops are of high quality.


Landwege e.V. – A year in 24 hours

The project “A year in 24 hours – healthy eating throughout the year” teaches children aged from around nine to eleven the importance and pleasures of healthy eating. The Bioland farm Ringstedtenhof operates according to the principles of organic agriculture. Arable and livestock farming are integrated within a circular system. Here the children can see and find out for themselves what is needed for a healthy diet and how sustainable agriculture can help them to eat well. The Possehl Foundation has been sponsoring this course run by the association Landwege for ten years and has now confirmed it would continue its sponsorship until year-end 2024.



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