One century of Foundation

From May 2019 to May 2020 the Possehl Foundation celebrated its 100th jubilee. It was licensed by decree of the Senate in May 1919 and has since sponsored “all that is good and beautiful” in Lübeck. The anniversary was an occasion for the Foundation to reflect with gratitude on the great variety of organisations, initiatives and dedicated individuals who enrich the life of our community. In most cases we just provide funding, so without our applicants we would not be able to realise the aims of our Foundation as fully as this. Our special thanks went to them in our jubilee year.


Two books have been published to mark our jubilee. "POSSEHL. History and Character of a Foundation” by the historian Axel Schildt, and "GUT UND SCHÖN? Die Possehl-Stiftung in Lübeck” from brand eins Wissen – further information about them can be found here.


Here you can LOOK BACK ON THE EVENTS organised by the Possehl Foundation in its jubilee year.

EMIL and the students

100 years of the Foundation, 10 years of the Education Fund: We thought this might also be the right moment to thank the schools in Lübeck. The Board of Trustees of the Possehl Foundation has therefore decided to give all the schools in Lübeck a present: We wanted to give all their students the opportunity to think about philanthropy and voluntary work and to find out what they think is “good and beautiful” in the sense of the foundation’s objectives for their school or for Lübeck. So at the start of 2020 we made a donation of €10 per pupil to all the Lübeck schools, for a project that the students and teachers of each school want to carry out. We will be reporting in the months ahead on the wonderful range of great projects and ideas that the schools in Lübeck have told us about.


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Here you can find our annual reports, Emil Possehl’s will, our art catalogues and publications to mark the 100th jubilee of the foundation.


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